“Can I live?”

If You Are Pregnant, let your baby live.
Your baby inside your tummy is asking you, “Mom, Can I live?”
Say, “Yes, you can!”

Plan B is an abortion medicine. Don’t take it! Let your baby live.
If God helped you see this day, He faithful to help your baby grow and see many days.
Your baby is not a mistake. Your baby is here by the plan of God.
Let me leave you today with this song by Nick Cannon (made in 2005).
This song is one of those, “when the message meets the artist, the owner of the story!”
USA Today grilled Nick if he was singing this song against abortion and this was his answer:
“I didn’t make the song to make a political statement. I’m just thanking my mom for being strong.”
Elsewhere Nick has said, “I’m not pro-life or pro-choice. I’m pro-Nick. I’m just happy to be here.”
Abortion stops somebody else’s heart. Don’t do it! Being a pro-life is part of being a born-again Christian. We can’t separate these two. ///
P. S. The above post is not endorsing the lifestyle of Nick Cannon; only the message of the song.