The Most Romantic Man Who Has Ever Lived

When a man lusts after a girl, he pretty much does anything to convince the girl to go to bed with him. Some young and vibrant Christian girls find themselves sharing the same bed-sheet with a man they’ve known for few days and they ask, “How did I get here?”


You see, when a man lusts after a girl, he rejects his God and becomes, ironically, the most romantic man who has ever lived. He presents himself as the godliest man on this planet earth.

Talk about Jesus, he is on it. Talk about a well-known preacher, he quotes his sayings, especially the ones the speaker has said about marriage and women. And the girl thinks to herself, “Oh, my gosh! This is the man of my dream!”

Then, he brings up the topic of sex as a matter of fact, in the middle of a casual conversation, with a tone that is so spiritual that it is hard to discern the ill intent of it. The girl listens to him carefully thinking that there might be things about sex that she should know.

Studying her face, “You know, sex is a natural phenomenon,” he begins the topic, and continues, “And it is amazing how God created sex for our pleasure. I can’t believe when men do it with multiple women. Sex must be between one man and one woman who love one another. . .”

The alarm in her heart gets off at this point but she ignores it saying, “I’m just ignorant of the truth!”

And, as they say, the rest is history.



So, if you are a young girl reading this, please listen to me carefully:

If the man you are seeing is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE (if he’s extra attentive when you talk, extremely charming and wants to spend time with you 24/7 and says things such as, “I can’t live unless I hear your voice, I have to marry you” within a week or a month of you  seeing him), run away from him!

But remember, the only girl who can successfully run away from this kind of dangerous man and rescue her life is this girl: A girl who is after God’s own heart!

A girl after God’s own heart won’t be tricked by a romantic treatment of a man who is lusting after her body. This girl has a sharp intuition that discerns evil spirit from very far away. She doesn’t get swayed by what she sees and feels.

A woman after God’s own heart always believes in seeking advice and counsel from others before she makes any decision in her life however big or small her decisions might be. She tends to ask others if she should date a man way before she decides to date him. She investigates about the man from others. She studies how the man relates with others to see if he maintains his relationships knowing that he is dangerous if he tends to isolate himself from others (isolated men tend to isolate their women too so that they can victimize them). Once she decides to see him, she clearly states to him her sexual purity standards early on and she makes sure that she doesn’t confuse him by having double standards, such as, coming for a date being half naked. Oh, no, she doesn’t do that.

So, if a man is too good to be true, run away from him but, please know this: A lustful man is so romantic that it is close to impossible for any girl to deny him of his requests. Only a girl who is after God’s own heart will have a discerning spirit to know him and run away from him.

Remember: To be a girl after God’s own heart won’t happen to you by chance but by choice. Listen what the Bible says: “Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:42b)

What did Mary choose? Mary chose to sit under Jesus’ feet and learn from Him and do life according to His word.

What about you?  ///