Let You Be Who You are

While I was in line to pay for my groceries, I was on my phone reading my emails that I didn’t get a chance to read in the morning. Then I put my phone back in my pocket and I zoned out. I began thinking about something and before I knew it I said something audibly. And the person who was standing on the other side looked at me as if I was crazy.
I was so embarrassed that I tried to sing as if I was in the middle of rehearsing a song. Then all of a sudden, my heart posed a question: “Does this woman know you?”

I quickly said, “No, she doesn’t.” and my own heart replied, “Then why do you care about what she thinks about you? Whether she thinks you are crazy or healthy, will that add or take away anything from your life?”
I replied, this time smiling and with confidence and audibly; “No!” And I paid for my groceries and left. I knew the woman was staring at me and I was thinking of waving goodbye to her on my way out but I changed my mind because she might’ve freaked out.
Why do we care too much about what other people say about us; especially people who don’t know us; or people who claim to know us but only know our names?
I don’t know how you respond to that but, I personally think, we all have this intrinsic desire to look good all the time; and we want to portray a good and healthy life by putting a smile on our face, ALL THE TIME. But the truth of the matter is, none us can pull it all together all the time.
And guess what we need? We need someone who allows us to say and do whatever we feel inside; that means, a person who gives us freedom to be us all the time.
What a joy that is! You talk to yourself and the person may ask, “Okay, I’m not a monument here; you can talk to me,” or, depending on your personality, the person may choose to ignore you to give you some space.
Do you have that kind of person in your life?
The best way to find that kind of person is: By you learning to let others be who they are without judging, criticizing and labeling them. When you let them be who they are, they will let you be who you are.
The Word of God says: “Do to others what you would have them do to you” (Matthew 7:12). Don’t you love that?
And hear this please: When people let you be who you are, they usually have genuine love for you and they usually won’t stand and watch when you destroy your life, for example, by harboring sin in your life. Did you hear that?
People with sexual problems, such as porn addiction, usually have nobody they can call a friend. They are lonely people.
Are you that person? If so, maybe finding that true friend is the first thing you need to do to break free from the sexual bondage. But remember, you have to first be a good friend to someone who has nobody before you search for a friend for yourself. That is how it always works. First care for others before you want others to care for you. ///