“I want you dead!”

If you didn’t run into Gawvi’s song “Late Nights” – the first song he released from his soon to be released album “Lost in Hue Ep,” here is the link:
You have no idea how many times I hear this song a day. You know I love hip-hop Gospel songs. Oh, yes, I do!

 And Gawvi is becoming one of my favorite hip-hop artists. You know
what I like about these young hip-hop artists, like Lacrae, Tadashii and Gawvi? Well, they tell you how much they love Jesus, what Jesus means to them and how much they desire to be the people God wants them to be; but they also tell you their personal and inner struggles in their songs and show you how they too are struggling to make it through the day, just like you and I. I love it very much!
“Late Nights” only has few words but those words with a wonderful background music, my! I love it very much! My favorite part is verse 1: 
“I don’t wanna be right here
And even though you feel so real
Got me up on late nights
But you always saying lies
This gon’ be our last time
Cause you know, you know, I want you dead”
I like the way he said, “I want you dead!”
So, I want to choose this song to all warriors who are fighting to break free from the chain of porn! I especially want to choose this song to those who have declared their freedom from porn for more than a year!
It is a milestone on your walk as a Christian. Don’t let your freedom slip away from you! Stay the course! Jesus died for your freedom. Listen to this:
“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1
Jesus is faithful! He brought you this far, didn’t He? Then trust Him to help you till the end. ///