“And Adam knew Eve his wife;”

Eve has a description. It doesn’t just say, Adam knew a girl named Eve.

Are you kidding? Oh, no, the Word of God doesn’t say that! It says, “And Adam knew Eve HIS WIFE;” (Genesis 4:1a KJV – capitalization is mine)

“And” shows that there were necessary events that had to occur before Adam “knew” his wife (the girl had to be publicly declared as “his wife”) and the semi colon (;) shows that “knowing” (making love, NIV) is not the end in and of itself. There is more blessing following it, depending on at what stage “the knowing” occurs.

Otherwise the knowing will be followed by, “Then he dumped her” or, “she got pregnant and he decided to marry her and they found out that they both were different people, no love or chemistry between them and their sexual relationship became a war-zone.” Or, – – – you get the drift, don’t you?

Always remember this: “Knowing” a girl doesn’t end there. Our body is not created for hook-ups and a one-night stand kind of sex. God didn’t create sex for people to have it and move on with their lives as if they’ve never had it.

Choose His way of “knowing” a girl and you will live in peace and rest. ///