From Melbourne, Australia to Maryland

It is always good to be back to Maryland, back to my husband’s loving and warm embraces I’ve missed so much! I missed the hot weather too. Yes, it is winter in Melbourne.

Well, the time I had at Melbourne, it would be an understatement if I say I had a wonderful time. I spent the God ordained and orchestrated days of my life. I give all the glory and praise to my Lord and God, Jesus Christ!

Before I say anything though, as I always do, I want to thank many people who made this program possible.

I first would like to say thank you to the leaders of Zion church: Pastor Zelalem Destta, the senior pastor, and his wife, Alem, and Pastor Solomon and his wife, Hana. Thank you very much my brothers and sisters for giving me this great opportunity! May the LORD bless you and everything you do for the Kingdom of God!

I also would like to say thank you to the leaders of Solid Rock Youth church, Johanthan (the rising pastor) and his wife, Ayu. Thank you guys for opening your arms and hearts wide and taking me in as one of you! You two are amazing people! I love you very much!

I also would like to say thank you for the Solid Rock Youth Church congregation, the youth, I literally fell in love with on the first day. I tried to learn your Australian accent, especially the way you say “a girl” LOL, but I guess I couldn’t. Oh, I came home carrying you all in my heart! You will be in my prayer for a long time. I love each and every one of you! Thank you for sitting and listening to me for hours and hours. May the LORD bless you all!

Last but not least, I would like to say thank you for the whole Zion Church congregation who seemed to know me and my message well, thank you to YouTube for introducing me to everyone. But thank you Melbourne Zion Church folks for accepting me and my message as if we were directly sent from God. May the LORD continue blessing each and every one of you!

My special thank you note goes to Pastor Zelalem and Jonathan who relentlessly working and investing their energy, time and resource day and night in the lives of the youth. Oh, my! I have never seen this much passion and zeal I’ve seen in both of you! Thank you for caring this much for the next generation which is something, I believe, every minister of the Word of God has to do! May the LORD bless your hard work!

Well, I am still struggling to win over the jetlag drama but I guess I can’t avoid it. I’m half asleep now even if it is 12:45pm here.

I’m sharing with you a two minute long video message from last Sunday morning sermon. I promise I’ll upload more videos when I come out of the jetlag drama.

Forgive my grammar mistakes in this two minute long message. I’ve told you many times already that I don’t have good language skill. Just focus on the message. The message, in a nutshell, is “only those who are born again into the Kingdom of God can live the life the Word of God is talking about.” That is all!

Have a blessed weekend! ///