Her Sexual Nature is Different and Unique!

God created man and woman equally but differently. They are naturally different and their differences become very clear in the area of sexuality.

While I was sitting and listening to the message I presented to married couples in Edmonton, Canada last week, for some reason, this clip grabbed my heart in a special way and I wanted to share it with you all.
Just be ready! This message may make you scratch your head, raise your eyebrow, smile or become angry. Or, it may make you run to read the Bible in different versions – the last one is what I’m praying and hoping this message will do with you – to stir your heart to read and study Bible more. ///
P. S. Whenever you hear me make a general statement, remember that those statements are not applicable to all people 100% of the time. That is what general statement means. For example, “Men don’t adopt to a new environment as women do” – but some men actually do adopt to a new environment better than most women.