Lust vs Healthy Sexual Desire

Whenever I mention what Jesus said on Matthew 5:28, “- – – anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart” many people ask me, “How can I then decide who to marry without sexually lusting after them?”
This question totally breaks my heart because it tells me that those people who ask this question see lust as a holy and pure sexual desire every one of us naturally have.

“Why do people see lust as such?” I really don’t know.
If sexual desire was the same as lust, all married people would have been committing sin throughout their married life since they often sexually desire their spouses.
My friend, lust rejects God and His laws to the core!
Holy and pure sexual desire embraces God and His laws; it fears God and His Words and waits for it to be expressed in its rightful place in the way that glorifies God and honors those who celebrate its expression.
Lust, for example, demands that you have sex with the person you are not married to in your heart. It forces you to take their clothes off in your mind and have sex with them in your heart. It forces you to imagine them sexually and bring yourself up to a sexual climax, climax that instantly throws you down into darkness. Then you ask, “Why do I feel down? Why do I feel depressed? Why am I thinking to kill myself?”
Why? There is no peace, joy and rest in lust. Only darkness! The Light has been rejected.
Listen to one of the most incredible definition John Piper gave to Lust: “Lust is a sexual desire minus honor and holiness.”
Wow! Did you hear that? ///