Do Opposites Really Attract?

Noble woman wins noble mans heart

Sure, opposite charges attract each other; like protons (positive) and electrons (negative).
And when we bring this “opposites attract” principle to dating business, it gets a little interesting. I’m not sure how people with few words tend to fall in love with those who literally don’t stop talking. Yes, they do. That is why I happened to be married. 

But this “opposites attract” principle falls short when we try to apply it to the spiritual area of our lives.
A man who is sold out for Christ doesn’t get attracted to a woman whose dreams and visions are bound to this dying and passing away world. Are you serious? No, he doesn’t! Even if he sometimes finds himself being pulled by her cute face and flawless body, his heart whispers, “She is not going to “help” you be the person you are striving to be in Christ. Just change your lane.” ///