“May the Lord forgive you for saying that”

A4P Guest: I’m 25 years old. I came to Christ when I was 13. Since then, I have been in the house of God. I’ve never had a relationship with a woman. And knowing that it is a right season for me to look for a wife, I began praying about it. And amazingly enough, while I was in the middle of a two week program just to pray and fast before God for a wife, I began thinking about this one particular girl I know in my church. That weekend, I went to church and a man of God who is a prophet called me and prophesied saying, “The woman you are thinking about is your wife.” So, I accepted that and prayed about it and went to the woman and told her. She said she would pray about it and yesterday she called me and said that she didn’t think I am the one she wants to marry. I told her that she shouldn’t sin against God by refusing to listen to what the man of God said. I don’t know why she said that, maybe because she is not that strong in the Lord. How can I convince her and help her to grow spiritually?

A4P: Hold on a second, I’m lost here. Help me. So, you think that the girl is spiritually immature because she didn’t listen to what you are telling her?

A4P Guest: Yes! She refused to listen to what the man of God said and she is heading to something disastrous.

A4P: I am totally lost and confused here. What if the man made a mistake?

A4P Guest: May the LORD forgive you for saying that! How can you dare to say that about this man of God? Maybe you also need to grow in Christ. Maybe I made a mistake for coming to you.

A4P: I rest my case! ///

Two Important Disclaimers:
1. Like all other posts in a similar presentation, the above post is not in any way, shape or form a reflection of the whole counseling session. The purpose of the above post is only to create awareness in the area of dating and courting, and also to raise awareness in another most important issue; i.e. COMMON SENSE that seems to disappear among us, believers. There is nothing amazing about a young man to think about a young girl he knows in his church while he is thinking and praying about finding a wife. That is called common sense; and a prophet is not God; means he/she can make a mistake just like all of us. That also is common sense. We are children of God not by believing everything we hear but by being led by the Spirit of God which means doing life as the Word of God commands us to do (Romans 8:14). That again should be common sense for all of us who follow Christ.
2. Every story you read on this page is tailored in a way to cover the identity of the person who gave us permission to share their stories with you.