A Man In His Military Uniform

Fall in love with the real man

I recently asked my husband this question: “Hey, Baby, when I was a little girl, like thirteen or fourteen, I used to get attracted very easily to a man in a military uniform. I know it is absurd even to say that because I don’t even know the guy but I literally used to dream about a man in a military uniform. Why do you think?”
Well, my motive was clean and innocent; there was nothing hidden behind those words. I honestly wanted someone to psychoanalyze me. That is all!

“Funny!” I said, but kind of got me thinking.
You see, I used to be addicted to movies where the hero is a man in a uniform and didn’t die at the end of the story (like “Rocky” – Sylvester Stallone). Don’t you just love that kind of movie? Well, you have to be a woman to answer that question because most men usually love movies where everybody dies at the end of the story after all of them fought for their life. Seriously, that is insane. Well, at least the three men in my house are like that and most men are like that too as I read it on books, such as, “Wild At Heart” by John Eldredge.
Okay, let me not get sidetracked here. Let me go back to my message for today.
So, this is my message to a single gal out there: Make sure you fix your eyes on a real man; a man who does life in this real world; a man who gets killed with a bullet (means a man you can see in your naked eyes and touch on you hands, a man with real flesh and blood).
What am I talking about? Virtual love is a lie. Don’t fall in love with a man you watch on a movie or chat on Facebook. Facebook is Facebook; not Lifebook. Watch out! ///