My Anniversary Greetings to My husband

It came to my attention that my recent 19th wedding anniversary message I made to my husband in London was not actually uploaded on the Appeal for Purity (A4P) YouTube channel and because it wasn’t uploaded on YouTube, many people didn’t get a chance to see it.
Well, it is uploaded now.

And to all my beloved deaf supporters and followers who have been asking me to caption my videos, I am glad to tell you that this video clip and the following two video messages are captioned (Advice for those in Sexual Addiction & A Myth about Solo-Sex).
Those of you who can hear but can’t understand Amharic, I captioned these videos in English so that my message can reach to my deaf followers as well as you who can’t understand Amharic. (God willing, I’m planning to caption as many of my videos as possible).
Make sure the “Caption” key on your laptop/phone is not disabled. You have to turn it on.
I would like to say “Thank you” to my dear deaf friend, Moges Abiche, who relentlessly had dropped me messages asking me, “Missy, when are you going to caption your videos for us who can’t hear what you are saying? Why are you forgetting us?”
Yes, thank you Moges my dear brother for supporting and encouraging me and for all the kind words you’ve poured out on me and this ministry. May the LORD bless you!
And I also would like to say “Thank you” to Henock Tesfu who helped me greatly with the captioning process. May the LORD bless you my brother! ///