A Bridegroom With His Romantic Poem

He has to come up with something like this because he married his 7th grade classmate; a girl he put his eyes on since that day; a day he realized that he missed one one of his ribs.
This young man realized that marriage is a ministry, a call. And he not only affirmed his girl that she is his but also he is hers! How romantic.

The bride cried but I’m so surprised that she didn’t fall on the floor! Seriously! How could she stand still while he poured down all those romantic words on her? I’m not really sure how she did it.
And the funny part for me in the middle of this is when she said bye to her dad. Her dad wanted to hug her more (poor dad); but the girl’s eyes were on her man. And when it was time for the man to take his woman from her dad’s arm, the girl wanted to be all over her man; but this handsome and tall young man who seemed to have all the spirit of “self-control” all over him, took his bride’s hand off of him as if to say, “Remember? We are not married yet. Let’s not mess it up here. Let’s just hold hands, no too much touching and hugging now; but later when we are left to ourselves; when we are all alone with our God, we can hang and kiss and more with purity and holiness, but not now.” Don’t you just fall in love with him! Don’t you want to take and “xerox” him so that there will be zillions of young men like him! I do!
The Bible says, “Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city.” (Proverbs 16:32) ///