Talk about Magical Kiss, this is it!

You know how you love one scene of a movie and you press “rewind” again and again and again just to see that particular scene many times?
Well, the kissing part of this couple’s story is something you will definitely press the rewind key at least three times.
Why? Because it is their first kiss EVER!

It is not the actual kiss that excited me the most but the few seconds just before the kiss. Just look at the couple!
And look at their friends’ and families’ excitement to capture that magical moment with their phone’s camera. Phenomenal!
Maggie and Drew waited and prayed about their relationship for FOUR years and they saved everything physical about their relationship for marriage! Why? They wanted to glorify God!
Well, so far, I personally watched many similar stories of American, Hispanic and European Christian couples. Now I’m very much interested to watch stories from Ethiopian and Eritrean Christian married couples.
Because of Appeal for Purity Ministry, I am privileged to know many Ethiopian and Eritrean Christian couples who saved it all for marriage but I have no video of their amazing stories.
So, I encourage you guys, Ethiopian and Eritrean Christian couples out there, to make one cute two to three minutes long video of your good stories and share it with us. In that way, you can challenge and encourage the next generation of our community to follow suit.
What I love to see is authenticity and simplicity. Too much “preaching” won’t do it; but the action with lots of WITNESSES who vouch for the story.
If you did it all wrong but learned from your mistakes and tried to do it all again in God’s way, I love to hear from you too. Share with us your redeemed wedding kiss story. None of us can get tired of watching a story of the redeemed since we can relate to it very easily. ///
P. S. One of my good Facebook friends dropped this clip in my inbox. Thank you my friend!