A Crime Called “Being a Christian”

I used to take three of our kids to school in the morning since three of them were in the same school. Now two of them are in high school and my little one is the only one I take to school in the morning.

You have no idea how much I enjoy my morning ride with my son. On our way to school, my little one and I have our morning tradition where we listen to the Family Life Radio program. Before we turn on the radio, we always start our commute with a prayer. We pray turn by turn. If I pray today, he prays tomorrow. I enjoy listening to my kids’ prayer because it somehow tells me the depth of their spiritual understanding.

Yesterday morning was his turn to pray. He prayed and at the end of his prayer, he paused for a good 5 seconds or so and he closed his prayer in the name of Jesus.

And immediately after he opened his eyes, he smiled and said, “Mom, do you know why I paused?” Before I replied, he continued, “I remember a statement I heard in the movie called “Do You Believe.” It goes like this, “If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

We watched that movie together as a family like three or four weeks ago. I remember that statement; but I didn’t give it that much thought. So, I said, “Tell me how you understood the statement.”

“You see Mom, if you get arrested for a crime called “being a Christian,” you get convicted of the crime if the evidence shows that you are indeed a Christian. Mom, it is a very profound saying, isn’t it?”

I was dumbfounded, not because of the statement but the way he explained it. I said, “I couldn’t agree more, hun. It is a profound statement.”

So, let me leave you today with this intriguing and mind boggling question that is still fresh in my mind since yesterday: If you get arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence in your life to convict you of the crime?

Remember, the question is not paused on what you believe in your heart; but what is revealed in your life that shows to others that you are indeed, without any doubt or question, a Christian. ///

P. S. By the way, “Do You Believe” is the movie I highly recommend to all of you to watch. It challenges your stand as a Christian according to your call, “A child of God.” If you live in America, you can watch this movie in Pureflix.