Women Circumcision???

I thought women circumcision was a story of old; a story we hear and feel sorry for the women who lived in 1800. But sadly enough, women circumcision is not a story of the past; it is something that is still happening in many countries like Ethiopia.
For some, woman circumcision is a topic they use as an emphatic tool to blind unlearned society. They use it to aim to convince others of their main agenda such as abortion and redefining the traditional marriage between one man and one woman, so that marriage can mean anything an individual perceived it to mean.
But for me personally, as a woman from one of the poorest countries in the world, Ethiopia, women circumcision is not a political issue but a question of humanity.

If there is ever an issue that I agree wholeheartedly with the feminist movement activists, it will be the name they gave to “women circumcision”; i.e. female genital mutilation. Why do I agree with their term especially “mutilation”? Because women circumcision is a tradition where they take a young girl and mutilate her sexual organ so that she won’t be a sexual being as she is created and supposed to be.
If you or someone you know lives in Ethiopia or other developing, mainly African, countries, speak up. This is not a minor issue we throw on the back burner. This act not only may make a woman totally sexually disabled and unresponsive but it can also be a cause for a long term health complication such as urinary incontinence (unable to retain urine), dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse) and more.
If you are one of these women who had to go through this painful tradition, find a way to make your voice heard so that you can save others. Yours is the only voice there is that can bring change in the lives of the next generation of young girls. Save your daughter and other little girls from this heinous act. ///
P. S. I want to thank and appreciate one woman who brought this topic to my attention. As a little girl, she had to go through this and suffers the consequence. She contacted me so that her voice will be heard. Thank you; and I apologize for not addressing this topic until now.