My Girl is Younger than me

A4P Guest: Is it wrong for me to marry a girl who is younger than me?
A4P: What do you mean? I’m glad you picked a girl who is younger than you. I think that is how it should be, should it not?
A4P Guest: I know but the girl I am dating now and deciding to marry is much younger than me.
A4P: How much younger?
A4P Guest: She is 24 years old.
A4P: That is a wonderful age for a girl to get married. Good for her! How old are you?
A4P Guest: I’m 41 years old.

A4P: Say what?
A4P Guest: Is it wrong for me to marry her? Despite our age difference, we love each other and she always says that age difference is not something that makes a marriage a good marriage but love.
A4P: I mean that is a good “poetry” but not applicable to a real life. And you wouldn’t come to me if the age difference issue was not something that was bothering you constantly. Am I right?
A4P Guest: It is bothering me because some people are saying that it is not right for me to marry her.
A4P: Forget what other people. What do YOU say? Do you think it is right for you to marry a girl who is 17 years younger than you?
A4P Guest: How am I going to tell her that I can’t marry her then? She is already picking up her wedding gown and all.
A4P: Good! Now you come to your real question: “How can I stop this without breaking this young and excited to get married girl’s heart?” Am I right?
A4P Guest: Yes.
A4P: Well, she is just excited to be a bride. When a girl gets to this point, she is not going to listen to anyone. She will go with the wedding with a full force even if all of her friends and families decide not to show up for her wedding. That means, you are the only one who can stop this. You are the responsible party here. Please, stop this. Just tell her that this is not a good decision for both of you especially for her. She will cry but she will thank you for the rest of her life. My brother, you are 41 years old, soon to jump into the middle age crisis drama. What you need at this season of life is a best friend who comes close to and comforts you; not a girl who demands that you take her to the park and play with her volleyball. ///