Is Modesty Optional for women?

In my yesterday’s post, “I made a covenant with my eyes,” I see that one particular paragraph seemed to throw some people off.

If I’m not mistaken, “If a woman chooses to go half or fully naked” seems to be the one which created some confusion, or I will say, misunderstanding, to what I was trying to communicate. So, I want to clarify that today.

Well, my intention when I wrote yesterday’s post was to shine the light on the main source of sexual immorality which is a lustful heart. While I did that, I concurrently wanted to address one common excuse I usually hear from some men: “I would control my eyes if the women wear appropriately.”

So, to address how biblically ungrounded this excuse was (still is), I put the woman’s adornment as a variable factor which changes according to the woman’s choice of outfit to wear (regardless of her faith in God). Remember though, for women who profess to worship God, the Bible doesn’t put modesty as a variable factor that changes according to the woman’s choice of adornment or not as a good suggestion but as a command (1 peter 3:3-4 & 1 Timothy 2:9-10). But to expose the fallacy of that excuse, it was imperative for me to present both sides of the extremes; one woman who wears modestly; and the other woman who wears immodestly to show how the former one can’t be a reason for a man to lead a sexually pure life or the latter one for him to lead a sexually immoral lifestyle.

From the outside, we may seem right to assume that if every woman covers herself from top to bottom, every man would be sanctified and holy as he wouldn’t have a chance to lustfully look at a woman. But the problem with that assumption is this: The issue of lust is not the issue of the eye but the issue of an adulterous heart. So, a man who lives in a city where every woman is covered from top to bottom with black clothes can have an adulterous and murderous heart.

So, when I say, “If a woman chooses,” I am not suggesting or implying that modesty is a choice or an option for a woman who professes to worship God.

The truth of the matter is, as an adulterous man can’t tame his eyes, an adulterous woman can’t wear modestly. As a spiritually naked and blind man draws his worth by letting his eyes recklessly wonder everywhere and anywhere a woman passes by; a woman who is spiritually naked and blind draws her worth by sexually alluring, seducing and bringing men under her feet. In both cases, one can’t be blamed for the other one’s choice.

As Adam was held responsible and accountable for his own choice regardless of Eve’s influence in his life, so was Eve.

Let me bring today’s post to a close with this note: Unless we see how wretched we are by ourselves, how our hearts are stricken and sickened by sin, we can’t come to Christ and receive His saving grace which teaches us how to say no to sin (Titus 2:11-12). If we continue blaming men for women’s seductive and manipulative act; and blaming women for men’s adulterous heart and pair of eyes, we can’t fight the good fight which brings us to the light where we see Christ as He is: A Savior who came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10). ///