Most husbands struggle to say – – –

Most husbands struggle to say – – –

– – – “I’m sorry.”

Why? Well, one reason is that they don’t see their fault as clearly as their wives see it. So, acknowledging their faults by saying “I’m sorry” when in fact they believe they didn’t do anything wrong would be the most unreasonable and absurd thing for them to do. So, they refuse to say it.

The other simple reason is, they just don’t want to say “I’m sorry” because they are not accustomed to saying that simple statement before they got married.

So, one of the million things single men have to learn before they enter marriage is to say “I’m sorry;” and not only to say it but also to say it when there is no clear, apparent or good reason to say it.

When a husband says to his wife, “I’m sorry baby,” the wife’s brain translates that statement as “I love you, baby; you are beautiful.”

And when his angry wife hears those sweet and loving words coming out of her husband’s mouth, she stops fighting with him and gives him peace and rest.

What an exchange! Peace and rest with one simple statement! You can’t beat that.

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