I’m back to Maryland

Praise God! I came back from Calgary, Canada yesterday morning and guess what? Calgary got covered with snow the day I left. It must be God who kept me from seeing it, seriously! God knows how I passionately don’t like and appreciate seeing snow. I praise His name! And I always thank Him for not putting snow in heaven. No snow in heaven, do you know that? Oh, no, there is none! Thank You, LORD!
I’m happy to be back to Maryland and before I tell you all about my stay in Calgary, Canada, I would like to write a thank you note to people who made my stay in Calgary a success.
I first would like to say thank you to all the four local churches’ pastors who came as one to put the program together: Pastor Workneh Mogesse from Philadelphia Church; Pastor Meron W/Hawariat (with Pastor Nahod) from Global Faith Ministries; Pastor Chalachew Eshetu, from Ethiopian Evangelical Church and Pastor Tewodros Damtew from Agape International Church.

Thank you so much my brothers for giving me such a noble opportunity for me to minister to all your congregations. May the LORD bless you and yours!
I would also like to say thank you to all the people of God of those four churches, most of whom have known me all along via YouTube and Facebook and it was like meeting my own church families. I was even hesitating to introduce myself when I first stood on the podium because everybody was smiling as if to say, “Glad to see you again.” Thank you everybody for making me feel welcomed.
I also would like to say thank you to Yewalashet who made my stay in the downtown Sheraton Hotel a memorable one. Thank you my sister!
Another thank you goes to “Planetshakers i Photo Studio” owner, Sisayei Abebe, who stayed with me and took lots of fantastic pictures.
Special thank you goes to a wonderful and beautiful, a wife of one young and handsome man and a mother of four little kids, Meklet Tesfaye. She was the one who was assigned to pick me up and drop me off wherever and whenever I wanted to. Meklet, appreciate you very much! You made my stay in Calgary a notable one. Thank you!
Well, at the end of the first program, I met my own spiritual sons (Natty, Yoni and Duresa)! Yeap, if you are following me for long, you should know that I have spiritual children almost in all major cities. You have no idea how happy I was to meet my spiritual sons in Calgary in person for the first time; I was especially pleased to meet one of these young men whom I’ve met on this page in beginning of this year. When I met him in person for the first time, I said to him: “Oh, my! I didn’t know you are this handsome. Why don’t you take off your profile picture from your Facebook account and upload another one which shows your face clearly?”
Well, this is how he responded back to me: “Oh, no, I won’t. If I do, I put myself to more temptations than I already have.”
I’m telling you, I’m such a proud ma’ma!
Well, I will try to share with you some of the messages I shared with the people of God; but I’m not promising anything here because I didn’t get a chance to see and edit any of those videos yet.
But I love to share with you two pictures; one picture I took with the four local churches’ pastors who invited me over and one picture I took with my spiritual sons (I took lots of pictures with my sons but the one I chose to upload here is the one I took with my phone, a picture that shows how proud I’m of them). I know I have handsome sons. But there is something you can’t see on this picture unless I tell you. Well, these young men are WARRIORS for the things of God! Yes, they know who they are in Christ and they strive to be the kind of young men God wants them to be.
I will be in trouble for saying the following about them but, hey, I rather be in trouble for saying it now and ask apology later than keeping it to myself. Well, here we go: So, these young men are singles! Oops, I said it, didn’t I?
My spiritual sons, how I love each one of you! May the LORD bless you all with your own “missing rib!” May the LORD keep you safe!
Here is a short rundown of the program: On Friday, I had a blessed time with teens and youth. Yes, they are my favorite group of people. On Saturday, I had time with the general congregation followed by Part I of “for married couples only” wonderful program, the title of my teaching was “Sexual intimacy,” what else can it be!
On Sunday morning, I had a wonderful time for the second time with the general congregation and late in the afternoon, I finished the program with Part II of my teaching to married couples.
Throughout my four days stay in Calgary, one thing stole my heart; and that is the oneness I noticed among these four local churches’ pastors. The oneness spirit itself was ministering to my heart, soul and spirit.
“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! – – – For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.” (Psalm 133:1, 3)
May the love, grace and mercy of God be with all of them! ///

P. S. If you are reading this via your email, you may not be able to see the pictures. Check the Appeal for Purity’s Facebook page to see the pictures at: www.facebook.com/appealforpurity