Do You Watch PG-13 Movies?

A4P Guest: Do you watch PG-13 movies? I ask because I read your reply to one of the comments on your post a couple days ago. I thought you don’t watch movies, do you?

A4P: I do watch movies. The title of the movie I last watched is “War Room.” If you didn’t watch that movie yet, do yourself a favor and watch it. If you are married, it is even better to watch it with your wife.

Do I watch movies? I do but only those movies I believe won’t defile my soul, mind and heart. After I made countless mistakes, I learned not to just get up and go to a movie theater.

Whether a movie is rated PG-13 or PG-4 (not that there is PG-4 rating), I won’t watch it until I check the content of the movie from the people who watch it for me. I said, “People who watch it for me” because that is their ministry; to watch a movie and see if it is appropriate for viewers like you and I. Their ministry is called And guess who owned this ministry? Of course, Focus on the Family.

So, my family and I before we step out of the house to go to a movie theater, we go to their website and type the title of the movie and see if it is appropriate for us to watch.

We also use another website called:

So, in my conversation with the gentleman in my latest post, I mentioned the content of PG-13 movies, not because I watched those movies but I learned about the contents most of those PG-13 rated movies from and

You see, I now know that my pair of eyes and my pair of ears are very precious. I don’t just lend them to anyone who asks for them. I use my mind to evaluate if the content of a movie is edifying for my “born-again Christian” eyes and ears. If they have a movie marred with trash but wrapped up with a shiny gift paper (for example, a nice title and trailer), and will tell me exactly what is inside that shiny gift paper. I don’t need to “open it” (watch it) for me to know what is inside.

If a movie is not appropriate for our kids to watch, in most cases, it won’t be appropriate for us parents to watch.

And just because a movie has “Christian” jargon all over it, we won’t watch it until we hear the review from those respected Christians who are much older and more spiritually mature than us. If they rally behind a movie, one week won’t pass before my family and I run to the nearest movie theater to watch it.

You see, our eyes and ears are windows to our hearts. And our hearts are the sources of our lifestyles. What we let our eyes see and our ears hear (which is called season of sowing) will ultimately take over our hearts and minds. Then the fruit, our lifestyles and choices in life, will automatically take over our lives regardless of what we profess to be or not to be (this is called season of reaping).

And remember, “sowing” can be done in secret but not “reaping.”

So, it is always good for you and I to strive to sow good things in the secret place of our hearts so that guilt, loss, shame and grief won’t be our lots in life.

“Watch over your heart with all diligence,
For from it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23 ///