Do You Watch PG-13 Movies?

A4P Guest: Do you watch PG-13 movies? I ask because I read your reply to one of the comments on your post a couple days ago. I thought you don’t watch movies, do you?

A4P: I do watch movies. The title of the movie I last watched is “War Room.” If you didn’t watch that movie yet, do yourself a favor and watch it. If you are married, it is even better to watch it with your wife.

Do I watch movies? I do but only those movies I believe won’t defile my soul, mind and heart. After I made countless mistakes, I learned not to just get up and go to a movie theater.

Whether a movie is rated PG-13 or PG-4 (not that there is PG-4 rating), I won’t watch it until I check the content of the movie from the people who watch it for me. I said, “People who watch it for me” because that is their ministry; to watch a movie and see if it is appropriate for viewers like you and I. Their ministry is called And guess who owned this ministry? Of course, Focus on the Family. Continue reading Do You Watch PG-13 Movies?