Happy Two Year Anniversary to Appeal for Purity!

You have no idea how excited I’m right now. Yes, God is faithful to seeing me through the thick and thin of life these past two years. There were not easy times by no means but they were wonderful and fulfilling. Wow! Two years have gone by just like that! Time indeed flies, doesn’t it?

May the Name of Jesus Christ be praised forever! Well, guys, thank you for hanging out with me and thank you for all your support, encouragement and love.

I’m asking everyone who is benefiting from this ministry to support this ministry in every way  you can so that the message of this ministry will reach the end of the earth.  The rest of my message is on the video.

Again, happy two year anniversary to Appeal for Purity.

BTW, our website domain is not only .org but also .com and .net. (Make sure you check out our website.)

Have a blessed Saturday to all of you! ///

P. S. The English version of the above video will be uploaded soon!