Wonderful and gorgeous Monday morning!

I’m lying! It is not gorgeous at all down here! However, this is the day the Lord has given me and I choose to rejoice and be glad in it even if it is gloomy! (Psalm 118:24) Yes, I choose to rejoice in the LORD who is the Maker of this day! (Philippians 4:4)

Well, today is the day we will being the second round of competition that focuses on, “Beyond the Fairy Tale,” my first book.

So, as you did last time, drop us a picture of you with my book in the inbox. Once we receive your picture, we will go ahead and post it on the page. If your picture receives the highest number of likes, you will be the winner of this competition and receive two gifts:

1. A book called “Not Even a Hint” by one of the best Christian author of our times, Joshua Harris,
2. A DVD, a Christian best movie, called “Courageous.”

I read “Not Even a Hint” as if I was eating one of my favorite Ethiopian dishes and watch “Courageous” in a movie theater with tears in my eyes as the truth of God was unraveled in the most marvelous way possible.

Here is a quote from “Not Even a Hint” book:

“Have you ever wondered if there is a godliness gene that some people are born with? Of course there isn’t. The difference between the person who grows in holiness and the one who doesn’t is not a matter of personality, upbringing, or gifting; the difference is what each has planted into the soil of his or her heart and soul. . . Holiness is a harvest.” (167)

“Not Even a Hint” has forever changed my biblical perspective of HOLINESS! And the movie “Courageous” has uniquely shed a light on the biblical truth of “manhood!” Beautiful movie!

The book and the DVD are both up for grabs! Everybody is welcome to take part in this competition; even those who took part in the last competition.

If you didn’t order my book yet, I encourage you to do that at: www.appealforpurity.org/storefront

You can start dropping off your picture in the INBOX today and we will inform you the deadline soon. .

Hope to hear from you all! ///

P. S. My book is not in Ethiopia yet. If and when it gets there, we will inform you on this page. Thank you for your patience!