What are you sowing?

Sometimes in the middle of counseling, I ask this question, “So, who do you want to be in the next 10 years or so?”

The response I always get is something like, “I want to be a person who loves and serves God and others with everything I am and with everything I have.”

So, my follow-up question is, “So, what are you doing today to get there then?”

Why am I asking that? Well, for all the counseling sessions to be effective and fruitful, the person I am counseling primarily needs to know that there is what is called “the law of sowing and reaping.” Knowing this fact will help the person change his/her course or direction of life for good!

Law of sowing and reaping will never, ever, go away from this life. We reap what we sow. Continue reading What are you sowing?