Most Men Are Totally Deprived when – – –

I was outside the whole day and I came home being emotionally, physically and mentally totally drained. I tried to finish something and I was not successful. I had a conversation with someone and it didn’t go well. Somebody got on my last nerve and I tried to get even and I lost the fight, big time. My “Things to Do List” was not even touched by the time the sun went back to her home.

Peace? Are you serious? I didn’t even know how to spell it let alone to have it in my heart! Joy? Forget it! Do I need to say I was mean-spirited and sensitive even to be looked at? Nah!

My poor husband, on the other hand, had a wonderful time at his work. There was a tough project he was supposed to work on and he turned it in on time, meeting all the deadlines perfectly and successfully. So, he came home being exuberantly happy and excited.

Needless to say, our worlds crashed head-on. He wanted to tell me how wonderful his day went but the problem was, I didn’t want to talk to anybody. His face told me that he had a wonderful day and I wasn’t interested to hear about it, not even a bit. I wanted to just shut my mouth and go to my bed because I was scared that something “not good” would spill out of my mouth.

He looked at me and asked, “Is everything okay?”

Guess what I said? “Yes, everything is okay and I want to sleep early today.”

So, he let me have what I asked for, and off he went to have fun with his kids. I couldn’t sleep! Why? I was very upset with him! But how can I be upset with him and expect him to comfort me without me telling him exactly what was going on with me?

What is wrong with me, and with lots of wives out there?

Why do we expect our husbands to read our minds and figure out the condition of our hearts?

Well, this is not a rhetorical question and I want to try to answer it.

We do that because we read their faces as well as their minds so well that we expect them to do the same. If that was the case, these poor husbands of ours wouldn’t need a helper in their lives. Most men are totally deprived when it comes to reading and interpreting their wives’ minds and moods.

We need to tell them what is going on with us. We need to say to them, “Hey, the sky is crumbling down over my head and I need some love and comfort.” Or, as one wife said to me, “You know Missy, when I had a tough day at work, the first thing I say to my husband is this: I may hurt you or someone today. So, please stay away from me!”

I mean, I don’t recommend any wife to say that to her husband, but I think we wives need to communicate with our husbands about our day in a way for them to understand our ever changing moods. Otherwise they can easily add fuel to the fire with their clueless, “Are you tired?” question in the bedroom! ///