Sometimes Tough to Go to Church

If I say, “I always want to go to church on Sundays” I will be a big liar because I don’t. Sometimes I wake up from my sleep and say, “Oh, good! It is Sunday! I don’t need to do anything. And if I miss one Sunday, God won’t zap and kill me.”

But I have a husband who doesn’t seem to have “a bad Sunday!” Seriously! I sometimes feel like he came from a different galaxy (not like a different planet but galaxy).

He knows from my look and body language that I’m deciding to stay home on a Sunday. So, he asks, “So, you’re not going to church today?”

I’m like, “I’m not feeling okay.”

I say that hoping he will say something like, “Oh! You’re not feeling okay? Then I will stay home with you.”

No, he doesn’t say that. He will say, “Oh, okay! Then rest here. The kids and I will go to church and we will see you soon.”

The moment I hear his determination, I pop out of the bed as if I heard him saying, “Okay, stay here while we go to heaven and enjoy ourselves at the presence of our LORD.”

You have no idea how much I appreciate him! He never forces me to do anything; including going to church. He leaves that decision to me. And he never gives in to “Eve’s” offer of “take a bit of staying-at-home-on-a-Sunday fruit”.

Well, today is one of those days I wanted to stay home but I pulled myself out of my bed to go to church. My hubby being a line leader, everybody is getting ready. So, I decided to go too!

My friend, we don’t have to always feel like going to church. Let’s just get up and go to church today because it is always right to go to church. If we start skipping church for no valid reason, we will soon forget all about it and start saying something like, “Going to church is not a necessary thing; it is not written in the Bible. Sitting and eating with my family is equal to going to church.”

We begin to write our own version of the Bible while the Bible repeatedly talks about the importance of going to church to worship God and fellowship with others.

So today, even when my feelings and emotions don’t seem to agree, I choose to say,

“I rejoiced with those who said to me,
“Let us go to the house of the Lord.” (Psalm 122:1) ///