A Game for a Prize

It’s been forever since we ran any competition on this page. Well, let’s do it today.

So, here is how you can take part in the game:

First, you have to read my book to play the game.

Second, you need a nice camera to take a picture of you and the copy of my book on your hand (you can look at the June 14 post on this page to have an idea).

Third, you write us the one truth that resonated with you after you finish reading my book. Remember, I said, only one (not two but only one).

So, read my book, “Beyond the Fairy Tale” from cover to cover; and hold the book and take a picture of yourself and write us the one point (or truth) that captured your heart the most. You can directly “quote” that truth from my book.

Then you go ahead and inbox us your picture with your quote. I didn’t say, “Post it here” but I said, “Inbox us.” (If you read this via your email, you can send us your picture and the quote of your choice to the CG-STAT email: cgstatnow@gmail).

Then we will post your picture with your quote on the Appeal for Purity Facebook page. If you receive the most likes, you will be the winner! Once your picture is posted, you are welcome to ask your friends and families to like your picture.

I know, the bar is too high already with Hana, on the June 14 post but remember the competition doesn’t include Hana’s picture since her picture was posted before this game. That means your likes number doesn’t need to beat hers but others who are going to play the game.

The prize for the game is: Gary Thomas’ bestselling book, “Sacred Marriage”! Excellent book! It is not a used one; but brand new! You can’t beat that!

The deadline for this game will be Saturday, June 21 at mid-night (EST).

If you happen to be a parent (a mother or a father), you can take a picture with your daughter and write us saying, “I read your book with my (our) daughter(s).” Wow! I love to hear messages like that! Go for it! Make my day! ///

P. S. If you didn’t order my book yet, here is the link: www.appealforpurity.org/storefront/