The Higher Truth

If you are hanging with me for sometimes, you sure know that I care about the outside weather. Yeah, I don’t appreciate the weather when it is gloomy, cloudy and snowy. No, no, no! I don’t want those things. I want bright, sunny and breathy weather. And, while living in Maryland, wanting and desiring to have that kind of weather is like wanting to live in a dreamland of Oz.

While I was thinking about the weather this morning, something captured my heart. You see, if I choose to stay tuned to the outside weather, like today, I hear a message of the weather that says, “Well, hands down! Today, you will have a miserable day since the sun is not out!”

Not only the weather but everything around me picks one fact of life, tries to take the pulpit of my heart and presents a message, saying “The truth of the matter is . . .”

Well, forget about the outside voice, there is also an inside voice which says, “Stay put! No excitement. You can’t enjoy today because the weather is gloomy!”

I mean it is true. The weather is gloomy, and my feeling and emotions want to sing and dance to the same tune to the song the weather is playing to them.

But there is one truth. Oh, no, it is not just the truth but a higher truth which transcends the facts the other truths are talking about. That higher truth is called the Word of God!

And that Word of God says:

“This is the day which the Lord has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

Wow! Did you hear that? This higher truth depends on nothing! It stands on its own and it remains to be true all the time and every time, regardless of the weather outside and inside! It is timeless and boundless truth!

So, there are at least five preachers standing in front of me here to present their case to convince me how to take the day. The choice is then mine to which one of these voices or preachers I need to give my ears and heart to.

This is not a rocket science. I choose to listen to the higher and the supreme truth because this truth talks about the real truth; the unchanging truth of God to which the guarantor is God Himself, Jesus Christ, the Amen. ///