Marriage is not the Answer for Loneliness!

A lonely single person will be a lonely married person when he gets married because marriage is not a medicine for loneliness.

The one thing that takes away loneliness is being lost in the presence of God. Once we know how to do life in the presence of God, whether we are single or married, we won’t feel lonely.

God didn’t create Eve so that Adam won’t be lonely. Adam was not lonely. He was living under the full presence of God’s Spirit. That is why Adam never complained about being lonely. Eve was needed to bring the eternal purpose of God to completion since one man “alone” can’t accomplish that. Eve was not created so that Adam won’t be lonely. If that was the case, the Bible would have said it this way: It is not good for a man to be lonely.

Loneliness is an emotional and/or mental status; it is not necessarily a matter of being alone, by ourselves. We can feel lonely while we are among many loving people.

So, seeking marriage to get rid of loneliness is like getting a haircut to get healed from a stomach ulcer.

Don’t seek marriage to get rid of loneliness. Seek marriage to let God complete His work in you!

How can I get rid of loneliness then? First seek God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33) with all your might, strength, mind and soul, then loneliness won’t have a place in your life, even when there is nobody around you, even when you are alone in the lion’s den (Daniel 6) and even when you are single for a long time (a story of Paul). ///