Really? A 100% Prediction of Future Weather?

Wow, technology! It is even predicting our tomorrows; but with 100% certainty?

The forecast for today was snow. Well, I woke up this morning to see no snow. Everything is closed for the anticipated snow but the whole night, there was no snow. Yes, snow is falling down now but not as much as it was anticipated.

Yesterday, when I heard the 100% prediction of the snowy Thursday morning, I said to my kids, “I wish they said in 98% certainty just so they acknowledge the existence of God.” The forecast read like this: “100% chance of snow.” If it is predicted in 100% probability, it can’t be called “a chance,” I think.

And here is the biggie: I believed them! And I worried about my snowy Thursday!

Hmm, I don’t think God cares about the forecasters predicting the weather with 100% certainty and sometimes getting it right. But I believe with all my heart that God cares about my prediction of my tomorrows and worry about it.

I think God gets hurt when I predict my tomorrow in 100% certainty and worry about it, thinking that trouble will fall down on me or thinking and believing that tomorrow my enemy will gloat over me.

God doesn’t get hurt by my enemy’s boastful claims such as this: “I will take her out of the way.” Oh, no, God doesn’t care about that but He cares about what I take to my heart and believe.

When the Bible says, “Cast all your cares on God” (1 Peter 5:7 & Psalm 55:22), it is not giving me an alternative to manage my circumstances but it is a command, leaving me no chance to worry. God is commanding me not to worry about tomorrow. And do you know why He says that? Because He is in control of my tomorrows! He says, “Cast all your cares on me because I care about you.”

My part is to obey Him today; His part is to take care of my future. Wow! Did you see that? There is no disobeying God and not being able to worry because worry and sin come in one package (Isaiah 48:22). But after we obey God, worrying about life is foolishness since it has no ground.

Do you know that our worry comes from our 100% prediction of our tomorrows to be a disaster? Yes, worry is nothing but believing everything but God. God says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Wow! Who do you choose to believe: your worry, your enemy’s taunting statements or your God’s “I am with you; I have a plan for you to give you hope and a future” promise?

Yes, worry is a choice!

We can choose not to worry. Putting our trust on Him guarantees us peace and rest and that is not a prediction or a forecast but a 100% sure thing, sealed by Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 1:20). ///