The User’s Manual

There was a two hour school delay today because of the snow. So, I just came back home after I dropped off my kids to school.

While I was driving my youngest kids to school, I noticed the annoying warning yellow light being flashing on my dashboard. The sign looks like a screwdriver. I didn’t know what it was but I saw this light in the past, probably three times. But every time I see those different lights flashing on, I tell my hubby saying “I think there is something wrong with my car.”

My sons always ask me, “What is this light mom?”

And my usual answer is, “I have no idea. Ask your dad.”

So, this morning, after I dropped off my little ones, I came home and found my older son, waiting for me in the house after he missed his school bus. So he got in the car and started driving (he drives with a learner’s permit; that means I have to sit next to him). So, while he was driving, he noticed the light and said, “Mom, can you take out the manual please?” He didn’t bother to ask me what that light was because he knows my answer. But he wanted to teach his mama something. So, not knowing what he was up to, I said, “Sure, but you are not going to read the manual while you’re driving, are you?”

He said, “No, I’m not but I want you to read for me a section I’m about to tell you.”

So, I took out the manual from the gloves box and waited for his instruction. He said, “On the first page, where you find all those listed sections, probably the second one listed should read “Indicator” and what page number is that?”

I said, “68.”

He said, “Okay, good! Can you go to that page and tell me what this screwdriver light means.”

I went to page 68 and boom! The same picture was in front of me and it reads like this: “This sign shows that your car needs maintenance.”

Then I realized that my respectful son knows what that sign was but he wanted to show to his clueless mama how to solve her problem without bugging her poor husband; and the best way to teach his mama was by showing her where exactly to find the user’s manual and put it to use.

While I was thinking of taking my car to the car shop, I remember this:

Do you know Bible is considered as a User’s Manual? Yes, it is! God gave us life and gave us the User’s Manual to let us know how to do life. With this Manual, life will be exciting, enjoyable and fun. Listen:

“Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.” Joshua 1:8

So, let’s take out the life User’s Manual and read it and meditate on it day and night so that we do life in God’s way and be fulfilled and satisfied in the process. ///