The Valentine’s Day Game!

Yeap! We are going to run a wonderful game on the Valentine’s Day.

I know, I won’t be here in Maryland on that day but hey, technology made it easy for us to be at multiple places at the same time. So, while I am attending the Valentine’s Day celebration at the Atlanta church, I will be here on this page running the game.

Remember, there is a prize for the winner of this game!

So, here is how we are going to play the game.

On Saturday, February 14 from 11am to 3pm, the Appeal for Purity Facebook page feature which allows you to post a picture will be on.

Within these four hours of frame, you can post only one of your favorite pictures of your wedding. At the end of that day, means sharp at mid-night of Feb. 14, if your wedding picture receives more likes than the other people, you will be the winner of the Valentin’s Day Game and you will receive a very cute gift from Appeal for Purity (A4P). If you receive likes after mid-night, those likes cannot be counted. That means your likes will be tallied sharp at mid-night (Easter Standard Time – EST). You can ask all your families and friends to like your pictures if you want to. That is not considered as cheating.

Remember, if you live outside America and win the game, the shipping and handling fee to send out your prize will be on you. I know): that totally takes the fun out of the game but hey, in the near future, A4P will afford to send a gift even to the end of the world. Until that day comes, that is how it should be.

On Saturday, February 14 early in the morning, around 10:30am, I will post one of my favorite pictures from all my wedding pictures.

My Berhan (my husband) and I didn’t have a wedding ceremony because we did all the dating and courting business upside down. But God is merciful and brought us both to His Son’s Kingdom and saw us both through. May His Name be praised forever!

Even if we didn’t have an official wedding ceremony, after we got married and had our three kids, our families and friends set up a beautiful occasion for us to take a wedding picture in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. If I am not mistaken, I already posted our story on one of my earliest posts. So, I don’t want to bore you with that story all over again.

So, this coming Saturday morning, I will post one of my favorite wedding pictures. Why do I pick this particular picture? Well, on that beautiful day, while we were taking pictures in one of those cute private parks in Addis, somebody wanted us to sit at a certain location to take advantage of a gorgeous view of the water fountain. While I was turning around to the cameraman to ask him if he approved the spot, well, well, well, the cameraman caught my Berhan stealing a look at me. Isn’t that neat! I mean who from all the wives don’t like to be pursued by her own man! I love it!

So, before Feb 14 rolls over, get busy looking through your wedding album and pick one cute picture. It will be great if it is a picture that was taken accidentally. If it is, share with us a little bit about the story.

Make sure you don’t miss this! Use this occasion to show off your favorite wedding picture! ///