“Fifty Shades Trilogy”

What is it? It is a series of three erotic romance novels! They are called: Fifty Shades of Grey; Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.

I am not sure if you already heard my message I gave on the Berea teleconference last Saturday or a week earlier. But if you did, you should have heard me mentioning these books. Well, I said few words about these books in the context of parenting; so that parents would save their daughters from these novels.

Well, today I want to warn everybody about these novels because a movie is made on the Fifty Shades of Grey and it coming out in theaters across America on a day before the Valentine’s Day.

The trilogy has only three years of history. That means the trilogy came out within three years time frame. Within these three years, it won the market in a way that made it second to the Bible by the number of sell (100 million copies are sold so far). Can you just imagine what that means?

Bible has been with us since “dinosaurs roamed the earth,” so to speak! But the first of this trilogy came to life just three years ago and it is already ranked as number one by the speed it has been sold since day one.

What is in these novels? Nothing but porn in the form of a novel, designed to sexually allure women!

Masochism is part of the book! I know you may say, “That is outrageous!”

Yes, it is outrageous but I will tell you what is really outrageous. The first in the Fifty Shades trilogy, the Fifty Shades of Grey, was the number one book read by Christian women in 2012.

Yes, as they said, there are few Bible references in these novels, with a number of famous cuss words.

As a Christian, why do I want to read these novels? How come born-again Christian women are reading these books and why do these women fight with people who speak against these novels?

Well, these novels have something we all women want.

This trilogy is written by a woman. So, the author based her novel on the deep seated and hidden desire of a woman; a desire to be loved by a man; to be sexually hugged and loved by a strong and masculine man; a desire to have some kind of romance to spice up her mundane life, a desire to be under a man who is always in charge and here is the biggie: a deep seated desire of a woman to change her husband so that he will be a kind of man she wants him to be.

Yeap, as the people who read these novels said, these novels “nurture” those deep seated cravings of a woman, not in a healthy way but in the most “twisted and distorted way” possible.

Why does a woman who is in her right mind want to be flogged by a man who is making love to her? No woman wants that! But these novels portray how even masochism can be romantic. These novels convince a woman that she can rescue a man who seeks sexual pleasure in punishing and flogging her. Say what?

Yes! That is what masochism is all about. I don’t know about you but for me, that is very scary.

But what is even scary is this: The number of born-again Christian young girls and married women who are reading these books is alarmingly increasing! Some husbands are recommending these novels to their married male friends saying “After your wife reads these novels, she will be sexually romantic and she won’t refuse to have sex with you in whatever way, form and shape you want.”

Tragedy! Tragedy! Tragedy!

Little did these husbands know that the devil is alluring their wives out of the picture of their life so that they will be destroyed in the open air when their wives walk out of their life, looking for a muscular man who can make love to them better than their husbands; as they read it in these novels.

So do I want to watch the movie which is coming out across America on February 13?

Are you serious? I couldn’t even finish the trailer let alone watching the whole movie.

If you want to know more about these novels, read “Pulling Back the Shades” subtitle: Erotica, Intimacy, and the Longings of a Woman’s Heart, a book written by my all-time favorite author, Dr. Juli Slattery with another good author, Danna Gresh. You can listen to their interview on Family Life and Focus on the Family Radio shows (at familylife.com and focusonthefamily.com).

Save yourself, your marriage, family, neighbor and everybody you come in contact with as you tell them about the Fifty Shades Trilogy.

First equip yourself with information about these novels and the movie and then PLEASE, TALK TO YOUR KIDS!

You never know; you might be the reason to save one whole generation.

“Then Jesus said, “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.” Mark 4:9  ///