My Interview with Melekot TV Show

I thank God for this beautiful opportunity He gave me this past week! I was invited to give an interview to the Melekot TV show. Who invited me? Well, my dear beloved brother, Worku Legesse, founder and president of Melekot. If you remember a while back, I told you that Bro. Worku is one of my mentors in my walk with Christ and in God’s work.

I was thrilled when he invited me because I always see him as a giant spiritual man and when he invited me, I thought I was as spiritually matured person as I ought to be for him to invite me. Well, not too fast because the first thing he said to me over the phone was: “Make sure you wear appropriate and modest clothes.”

Yes, that is my brother. So when I was getting ready to head to the studio, I tried few outfits. My Berhan was sitting down and saying, “I don’t think Worku likes that, try another one” and at last I arrived to the outfit you see on the clip. Yes, Bro. Worku liked it too.

Worku is a very busy man but sometimes he finds time to come and listen to my messages if I am teaching in one of the local churches here in DC. He comes with his pen and notebook and if you see him, you may think that he is taking points from my teaching. Well, I guess sometimes he does, as he told me but let me tell you what he is mainly writing.

He writes points I need to improve on and points I need to correct according to the Word of God. Wow, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate him. I don’t get nervous when I see him among the congregation; rather I feel secured. And after the service, he usually doesn’t say anything but next day; he calls and sets up an appointment with me to go over his points.

The other day, he sent me a text and I didn’t see it but my Berhan did and he said, “Missy, I think you are in trouble.” I said, “Why?” He said, “Well, Worku sent you text saying he wants you to call him.”

Yeah, we take him and his words very seriously because we know that Worku loves us and cares about us. Above all we know that he and his beautiful wife are real ministers of God. What a privilege to know people such as them! We praise God for His blessing!

Anyways, I better stop here because bro. Worku might put me in trouble for talking about him, not about Jesus.

So, here we go; the Melekot TV show that was aired just last weekend on Elshaddai Television Network (ETN) in Ethiopia. This is Part I and if God wills, Part II will be aired next weekend. Please let all your families and friends know about this program and like the Melekot TV Facebook page at: Melekot tv. ///