“Breaking Free”

For those of you who are voracious readers, here is a book to devour: Breaking Free – Understanding Sexual Addiction & the Healing Power of Jesus!

Sure, it is written for men and I am not a man but I didn’t see on the cover that says, “Women are not allowed to read it!” So, I read it like nobody’s business and I love it!

If you want to get a glimpse of what sexual addiction is, this is the book. If you want to break free from that long standing masturbation and porn addiction, frequent visit to prostitutes or strip club, or anything similar, this is the book to read. 

The author, Russell Willingham, candidly speaks about his own struggles. Yes, that is a very scary truth to read. Being a woman, seeing (reading) what is going on inside a sexually addicted man’s brain when he sees a woman, extremely scary! When I read his story how he wanted to rape a woman who was passing him by, I literally gasped for air. Scary but gives you what sexual addiction can do to a healthy young man.

The author talks about reason for a sexually addicted man to stay in the addiction from years after year: The main reason being he thinks that he has an exceptionally powerful sexual drive than other people and gives permission to himself to masturbate, to porn and do other things; or just flat out lies to himself and others and chooses to stay in the addiction.  

Russell counsels hundreds of men who are in sexual addiction. He also counsels wives of sexually addicted husbands. I love the stories he tells in the book. Those stories drive the message home!

Other than a bit scary, this book is very spiritual. I love the Bible quotes he uses to make his points. I love how he believes in the power of prayers.

Here are some of the quotes from this wonderful book:

“Sexual addiction is about relational deficits from childhood. Those relational gaps from the past must be filled in relational ways today with members of the same sex.”

“Recovery is possible only with outside intervention.”

“We must grasp our fundamental brokenness and stop pretending we are something else.”

“Trying to convince yourself and others that you are not broken does not hasten your healing; it hinders it.”

“The most virtuous man who is deliriously happy with his wife will still have sexual energy left over. This energy is intended to drive him to the ultimate satisfier of human need: Jesus Christ.”

I guess I better stop before I quote the book here. ///

Breaking Free Book