This made my day and I have to share it with you all!

I heard it on the radio. It is a true story of a poor husband.

So, one Christmas season the husband, as usual, zoomed out of the whole idea of going to the mall to look for a gift for his wife. He didn’t think much about it until late on Christmas Eve.

So, on Christmas Eve, when he saw all the pile of gifts under the tree, he rushed out of the house as if he got up from his deep sleep and went to the nearby mall. As you can imagine, the shopping mall was full of all those frantic and nervous “last minute shoppers.” Even if it was hard to see anything, he found his way to the jewelry counter and found one cute gold pin for his wife. He got it wrapped up with a pretty gift paper, took it home and proudly kept it under the tree.

On the Christmas Day morning, he gave the gift to his wife after she gave him a perfect gift he wanted to have. She opened her gift and – – – within a second, he realized from her look that she didn’t like the gift.

So, he asked, “Honey, you didn’t like the gift?”

She calmly said, “Honey, you gave me this same pin last year on Christmas Day.”

He completely forgot it! Struggling to cover his shame, he managed to come up with a reply and said, “But I have never seen you wearing it.”

She again calmly replied, “Because I’ve never liked it.”


What should we do with our poor husbands?????///