Prayer Works!

When I was a little girl, my mom and her friends used to talk a lot about one couple. This particular couple was the most amazingly loving couple you can ever find. Even as a little girl, I used to stare at them whenever they came to visit us.

The husband doesn’t put his hands to himself. He massages his wife’s legs or her shoulder, or caresses her hair. If anybody comments about her dress or style, he will take the stage to talk about how beautiful his wife is.

So, when I was daydreaming of growing up and getting married, I used to daydream of having a marriage just like them; a husband who doesn’t put his hands to himself, lol.

Then one day, I remember that day as if it was yesterday, I heard my mom saying this to one of her sisters about this particular couple, about the wife, saying, “Do you know that she began praying about marriage since she was twelve years old?”

I mean, I was standing there, hearing them talking about how “my dream marriage” can come into reality. Bingo! I was the most curious person and being twelve years old myself at the time I heard the story, I said, “This is it! I will definitely start praying about my marriage starting today.”

Imagine, I have no knowledge of Christ or the Truth at that point but I used to have a regular prayer time. I used to pray to anyone and everyone. If I hear one story of a saint who went to heaven praying in a cave without eating and drinking, I used to pray to that saint, thinking that she/he could hear my prayer and deliver my prayers to God. I didn’t know that God had given me Christ, His only Son, as my intercessor (1 Timothy 2:5); I didn’t know I had the One name through which I could directly go to God. So, without knowing to whom I needed to pray, I began praying about my future husband.

Then after Christ came to my heart, I began praying directly to God through the Name of Jesus Christ, just as the Bible teaches. Then as I started learning about the truth of God, I stopped lots of my prayers which were not according to the Word and Will of God but the one prayer that had stayed with me was asking God about my future husband.

The funny thing is this: You know how sometimes you catch yourself praying without thinking or knowing what you are saying? Well, after I got married, I used to catch myself praying for my future husband, lol. That prayer was that much part of me.

No, I won’t pray that prayer now. Praise the LORD! God made my man pursue and marry me a long time ago and I can’t tell you how thankful I am of My Berhan, my husband. He doesn’t massage my legs everywhere we go, lol, but he sure expresses his love to me in ways I understand and appreciate.

So, the one thing I advise young people to do is to pray for their future wife/husband without ceasing. But do you know what I found out recently? Well, many people don’t believe in prayer. They hear my advice and they believe it is a good advice but most people don’t put it into practice, and I don’t know why.

Well, if you are single and don’t pray about your future marriage, let me remind you of one truth: There is a God in heaven who hears our prayers; a God who hears and answers them. So, as the Bible says, “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) because prayer works! As long as we pray according to His Will and Word, He sure answers all our prayers.

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” 1 John 5:14 ///