Quick Update on the Modesty Competition

Well, as you all know, Appeal for Purity is holding its very first modesty competition, called “The Esther’s Kind of Modesty”.

Eighteen beautiful girls signed for it and before the competition started, seven of them quit for different personal reasons.

Then after the competition started, after the first round of competition, six of them quit.

I know you guys may ask, “So, what are you guys do with these girls for them to quit just like that?”

LOL! We didn’t do anything with them. Well, I said “we” because I, Missy, am not the only judge in this competition. I have other seven wonderful judges (two single girls, two single men, two married men and two married women including me). We didn’t even reach to the decision to let any of the girls go when some of the girls decided to quit.

Well, of course we asked them to send out one picture of their choice with their written answer for a question, “Who was Esther?”

The girls sent their pictures and written answers before the deadline. We evaluated their pictures and written answers according to the evaluation sheet and simply said, “Okay, let’s do the next round of competition.”

So, without letting anybody go, we went to the next round. The question for the second round was, “What was Deborah’s role according to Judges 4?” and we asked they send out a picture with wedding dinner party outfit of their choice.

Then we lost six of the contestants. I guess some of these beautiful girls are in school and they were taking mid-term exam and the modesty competition homework was, I think, another headache for them to worry about and they didn’t turn in their pictures or written answer. So, now we are down to five contestants.

And now, we are in big trouble because it is getting harder and harder to decide who to let go because these girls are in this completion for real; they are in it to win! And there can only be one winner in this competition. So, we may turn to you all to come up with a decision to pick the one girl who is going to be THE QUEEN OF MODESTY!

Here are the names of the remaining five contestants:

Bethlehem Solomon from Boston, Massachusetts; Eden Berhe from Manitoba, Canada; Hilina Desalegn Calgary AB, Canada; Hilina Terrefe from London, UK; Solan Ketema from Alexandria, Virginia.

For those of you who donated your money towards this cause, to give a cash prize to the winner of this competition, GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS! I really appreciate you! (I will soon disclose the total amount of money donated so far. Of course, I still accept any donation. You can donate at the Appeal for purity website at appealforpurity.org and click donate.)

For some people, this competition may seem irrelevant but it is not. It definitely will have impact on many girls; influencing their decision on the way they choose to adorn themselves. It is very easy to stand on the side and judge the girls who wear immodestly but it is another thing to help them see how they can wear modestly without looking “a seducer.” Honestly, some girls simply don’t know what modesty is all about. They think that they have to look like “Grama Madea” lol. (At least that was how I used to see modesty.

So, I believe this competition will show to some girls how a girl can look pretty, beautiful and at the same time, respectful! That is what the message of this modesty competition is all about.

Of course, next time, God’s will, the competition will be conducted in a live setting or something bigger. But for now, we make it with pictures and some video clips which we may demand from the last two contestants. That is all! I hope and pray some of you will get motivated to step up to the plate and donate and/or come up with a creative idea how to do this better among our Christian community. ///