Appeal for Purity’s One year Anniversary!

Wow, time flies, doesn’t it!

It was last year on this day that I posted my very first writing on the Appeal for Purity page. What a day to start a ministry!

I know some of you who know me may think that I purposely calculated the day to start this ministry on the Halloween Day but I have nothing to do with it. I was as surprised as many people. I didn’t even know the day or the month. I was just following the lead of God and the day fell on the Halloween Day. I can’t tell you how happy I’m that A4P began on this particular day.

The Bible says, “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.” 1 John 3:8b (NKJV)

Do you know what kind of work the Word of God is referring to on this chapter? SIN!

If you ask me to define this ministry in one simple phrase, I will define it this way: Destroyer of Sin!

Why? Because the Spirit of Christ works in this ministry and my Jesus, the One I gave my life to, is the real Destroyer of Sin! May all praise and glory be to Him!

Wow, are you guys ready to keep up with me today? Because I am going to write like crazy and I want you guys to read it all, will you? I believe you will.

Okay, so, many people have inboxed me their personal life testimony, about what God did in their life through this ministry. Thank you so much my friends! It is always good to hear from you all!

I wish I could post all the testimonies I so far received but I know that I can’t. I just picked four to share with you. I only took part of their testimonies so that it won’t be too long.

Before I post that though I want to kindly ask you all to be kind when you post your comments regarding these testimonies. You all were very kind with your comments for the last young man’s testimonies and I thank you for that! I ask you to continue to be kind and graceful with your comments.

If I see comments such as: “This kind of person should be allowed in the church” I will be forced to DELETE it, respectfully, because we all came to Christ because WE ALL ARE SICK in one way or the other. The difference is some of us come out of our sicknesses slowly while others come out of it very fast.

When some run their race, they run like a marathon runner but some of us don’t run but crawl. That doesn’t mean that we won’t get to the finishing line. WE WILL but we get there at our own pace!

So, please bare that in mind when you decide to drop your comment on real life testimonies I’m about to post. There is no fiction to their stories and testimonies. I’m coping and pasting their writings. So, don’t think that I’m making up stories here. Please keep that in mind as well. These people are real, alive and well and they are reading everything I’m posting on this page. So, show them the heart of Christ you’ve received when you came to Him by your encouraging comments. Will you?

Thanks a lot!
In Him, Missy.