I don’t think all young people are naturally rebellious against God

It was around 10pm when I went to my daughter’s bedroom. I asked her if she had a prayer request. She quickly said, “I don’t have a prayer request but I want to ask you a question”.

I knew she was going to put me on the spot. I said, with full confidence, “Sure, go ahead.”

She quickly said, with so much enthusiasm in her voice: “So, Mom, what grade were you when you had your first crash on a boy?”

Oh, boy! That is what I call “being caught off guard”. I said to myself, “I’m going to tell her the truth”. And I said “I was in sixth grade.”

She popped out of her bed and said, “Mom, in sixth grade? What happened to you? You were a little girl, weren’t you?”

I said, “Well, yes, I was,” I cleared my throat and continued, “But I was kind of a curios girl. And I guess everybody is different, you know what I mean?”

She said, “Uh-huh”, looking at my eyes as if she was reading my face more than listening to what I was telling her. And I started praying with her.

But after I left her room, for a moment, my childhood life just flashed before my eyes. I felt like I was watching a movie.

I thought of that little, sixth grader, falling in love with the eighth grade boy.  I thought of her struggle to understand what was going on in her brain, body and life. She didn’t have anybody to ask but at the same time she didn’t know how or what to ask. Sure, there were lots of people around her but none told her anything about puberty because they didn’t have enough information either.

She wanted to be with the boy who was two grades higher than her but she didn’t know why. The boy left the school to go to a high school and she never saw him again.

Her life was as if she was walking on a dry land where there were neither trees nor grasses. She was by herself. Looking up and sometimes down, searching for something but she didn’t even know what she was searching for and where to find it.

Wow, I said to myself, “That little girl is me”. And some sort of sadness overwhelmed my soul.

As I read some of my articles, I said to myself, “I wish I was that little girl reading these articles”.

There was a single thought which used to bother me a lot. That thought is not with me now anymore. I used to think this: I WISH I KNEW THIS BEFORE!

So sometimes I look at teenagers and wonder if they have someone to mentor them. I wonder if they know what they are doing. If I hear someone complaining about a teenager, I just want to hug that teenager people are complaining about and say to him/her this: “I know what you are going through. Please sit down and let me tell you about everything I know.”

You see, not all teenagers are after bad “choices”. No, they are not. They just don’t know what else they are expected to do. I’m sure some of them are like me. All the information they get comes from TV shows, movies, books and/or friends. They have no alternative or conflicting or opposing ideas than the one they are surrounded by. They have no one to stop and tell them what to expect from life and/or who they really are as a person and how they need to proceed with life.

Yeah, everywhere they go, most people tell them how sex outside marriage is sin but NO ONE IS TELLING THEM THAT THERE IS AN ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY  AND GODLY SEX WAITING FOR THEM IN THE MARRIAGE.

So, whenever I see a teenage boy/girl who are doing all sorts of “the forbidden” things, I wonder if someone ever told them the whole truth, nothing but the truth. I wonder if they know what is biblically and legitimately theirs.  I wonder if they would have chosen that lifestyle, had they have known the life which can be found in Christ.

You see, not all teenagers choose to be sexually immoral. Most found themselves in it because they don’t know anything else.

So, my mission in the CG-STAT Program (Chosen Girls for Such a Time As This) is then this: To inform young people (for now girls only) about sex so that they hear all about puberty, sex and everything else around these topics. (CB-STAT will come soon)

Some people ask me like this, “So, after my daughter attends the CG-STAT program, will she be sexually pure?”

Beloved, she is not a robot or a computer where I download whatever program I want to and get it work in a certain way I want it to work. She is a person with ideas, personalities, thought life, choices and everything else. I can’t make a choice for her. She does the choosing while I do the empowering. Yes, all I do for her is this: I empower her with the truth so that she will have two alternatives in her life to choose from. If she chooses one knowing what to expect from it, she will never say to herself, “I WISH I KNEW THIS BEFORE”. I call that INFORMED DECISION. ///

P. S. This was posted originally on March 03, 2014.
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