Modesty Competition!

Yes, a very exciting competition is going on as we speak!

Appeal for Purity’s very first time modesty competition, called “The Esther’s Kind of Modesty Competition” is underway! And the judges are already working hard and they don’t play games at all!

Here are the remaining ten contestants:

Abegail Hun from London, UK; Amen Gurara (Enbut Amen) from Schaumburg, Illinois;  Betty Chak from Lorton, Virginia; Bethlehem Solomon from Boston, Massachusetts; Eden Berhe from Manitoba, Canada; Elza Chak from Lorton, Virginia (NOTICE:  We have two sister contestants here, the Chak’s, who make the game even very exciting and interesting!); Hilina Desalegn Calgary AB, Canada; Hilina Terrefe from London, UK; Metasebiya Kidane from Alexandria, Virginia and last but not least, Solan Ketema from Alexandria, Virginia.

Their first picture and written answer for the question, “Who was Esther?” have already been turned in to the judges. And the result should be coming out on or before Sunday.

One contestant will be let go this week and I don’t want to see anyone of them to go because all of them look just pretty, pretty! But there can only one winner. So, we have to let at least one or two contestants go per round of competition. But they all know that they are already winners of modesty the moment they signed up for this competition.

Regarding the donation, thank you very much for all of you who took part in it! There is no small gift in this and there is no deadline to donate for this cause. Just go to and click donate. The last day to donate will be the day I announce the total amount for the prize. So, keep it coming!

My DC church members who gave me your share of donation last Sunday, my, my, my! What can I say except to say, you guys are just amazing! Thank you!

Before this week ends, we will introduce you to each one of the modesty contestant via our YouTube video.

Blessings! ///