Sexual Intimacy Class

If you are married and are going to be around DC for the next four Sundays, don’t forget to come and join me and the other married couples for a four weeks long class I’m giving on the topic of sexual intimacy at the International Ethiopian Evangelical Church (IEEC) in DC.

I can’t emphasis enough on the fact that how important this class is for married couples. I heard lots of testimonies in the past, testimonies such as, “I thought I knew how to approach my wife sexually for the past seven years of my marriage.” Or, “Now I know how to embrace my husband’s sexual needs as a gift from God; instead of as a curse.”

Some people asked me if they could come to the class by themselves because their spouses are not interested to come or can’t come for different reasons.

I won’t advise any couple to attend “sexual intimacy” class by themselves and I, especially won’t allow any man to come alone, sit there and stare at me while I teach without having his wife next to him. It is not good at all if you know what I mean.

I also won’t advise a wife to come alone because after she attends the class, she may create chaos in her home as she tries to teach her man how her sexuality is created differently than him and how he needs to treat her accordingly. I mean the Bible says clearly for a wife not to teach her husband, period! It doesn’t work (1 Timothy 2:13).

So, if you want to come, find a way to convince your spouse to come along. Remember, this class is given at the IEEC DC twice a year. So, you can come to the next class (after 6 months) if this time doesn’t work for you.

If your spouse is not here, you don’t need this class at all. Wait until you and your spouse be together and you can join one of the classes I’m giving throughout the year.

I hope this will clear things up a bit.

If you are coming to the class with your spouse, I will see you tomorrow morning at 10:30am. ///