A coincidence not from man but God!

I have to tell you this because I know you love to read this kind of story.

I’m now at the hair salon. So when I drove to come here, I stopped at one of the traffic lights which is like three quarters away from the hair salon. You know how you stop at the red traffic light and look at your right and left side to see who is next to you. So, as the drivers next to me look at me and I at them, I realized that there was something in my car for the people next to me might be interested to stare at.

Well, I have to take one of my books with me whenever I go to a hair salon so that it will be my companion until I’ll done with all the process of sitting under the dryer.

So, when I looked inside my car to see what can be of any interest for anyone to look inside my car, well, well, well, my book is sitting next to me, not face-down but face-up!

Guess what the title of the book is?

You should know if you’ve been with me on this page for sometimes now.

Here is the title of the book: “Sex and the Supremacy of Christ”.

Talk about the one book title of interest for anyone to stare at, this will supersede them all!

Well, I said to my book: “My lovely book, go ahead and preach it!”

Seriously, this kind of coincidence is not from man but God and I love to be found in the middle of it!

Do people ask me what kind of book I’m reading in the hair salon? Oh, no! Most people don’t ask me. But do they pay attention to the title? You better believe it! And my prayer is so that they will look for that book, read it and find peace in their sexuality.

Precious, our everyday life belongs to the One who died for us. Let’s start our day by saying to God: LORD, take every moment of my day and make it yours!

You might not be called to teach about sexual purity and you may not carry a book such as mine but you might be called to comfort others who are hurting; or you might be called to give to those who are in need or something. Find your call in your heart and live consciously and purposefully to bring glory and praise to the One who is worthy to receive them all!

Do you want to know more about the book I mentioned above? I’m sure you do. Well, I love this book. I usually don’t like to advice others to read a book I didn’t finish reading. I’m almost done reading this book and in the remaining few pages of the book, I don’t think there will be anything the authors may say which I don’t agree with. So, yes, I recommend this book for anyone to read.

There is something unique about this book. It is a combination of five books which includes the ideas of thirteen authors. I know very exciting, isn’t it?

And guess who are the editors of this book? John Piper and Justin Taylor!

What more do I need to say about this book? Nothing!

Do you remember the book I told you to read few days ago, title “Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God”? Well, piece of that book is also included in this book. That means if you want to read one book instead of five books, the book to read is “Sex and the Supremacy of Christ”.

Let me leave you for now and finish reading my book!

Good Saturday!
In Him, Missy. ///