Hello to you all my Facebook fans!

Hope this message finds you all in good health!

I’m here today to kindly ask all of you to take part in the Modesty competition Appeal for Purity (A4P) is hosting this year.

The winner of the Modesty competition will be nominated as “A Queen of Modesty!” The prize will be cash!

Where does that cash come from? From you all who support modesty in the Christian community!

I would like to say “Thank you and God bless you” to those of you, seven of you to be exact, who contributed so far.

I’m a bit disappointed by the response I got when it comes to money contribution. I’m not sure why most of you didn’t want to respond to this call. I wish I knew.

Guys, we all know that modesty is something we all wish to return back to the Church of Christ and this competition is one of the ways we encourage and challenge each other and the coming generation to wear appropriately so that our brothers in Christ won’t come to church and stumble over lust and so that we women honor Christ by the way we express ourselves externally.

Those of you who have been following this page and been benefited from it, I kindly ask you to take part in this movement. Give to the cause. I promise every penny goes to the winner of this competition.

Will you be the one to respond to this call? Will you join me to make this a movement so that instead of judging others how they choose an outfit, we encourage, praise and reward those who adorn themselves in a way to bring honor and praise to our LORD Jesus Christ?

Will you help me to make this a movement in our Christian community?

Thank you and May the LORD bless you in double portion!

You can contribute by going to: www.appealforpurity.org and by clicking “Donate” key you see on your left hand side.

I am trying my best to contribute to the Body of Christ but I now know very well that I can do very small or nothing without you upholding and supporting the value I’m bringing to “the table.” ///