The Esther’s Kind of Modesty Competition!

Do you know that none of the British queens ever wore a mini-skirt? Never! They never put too much make up or expose half of their breasts either because it is a disgrace to the King and the Kingdom of Britain!

Hmm, how much more for us who are royal families of King of kings and Lord of lords!

I’m more than excited about the modesty competition A4P is hosting this year because I can already see what kind of impact and influence it is going to bring to the Christian community of faith.

“Can I wear short hair?” Of course you can! With short or long hair, just surprise us and the watching world with your style of modesty! Some of us are clueless!

Here are the beautiful girls who so far signed up for the competition called “The Esther’s Kind of Competition”:

Hilina Desalegn
Abegail Hun
Hanna Assefa
Hilina Terrefe
Shewiit Gual Gebremedhin
Bethlehem Solomon

Thank you so much guys! I wish you all the best!

I expect more girls to sign up. This is a Modesty competition guys! This is an opportunity to show to the whole world what a contagiously modest but beautiful girl looks like! Some girls are wearing immodestly not because MTV won their will but because they don’t know if it is even possible to wear modestly and still look good and attractive.

So, will you be one of the examples these beautiful girls want to follow after?

Those of you who are married and/or older than 38 years old, encourage others to sign up for this competition.

I am still waiting for those you who want to donate for this cause!

Thank you so much for all of you who already donated for this praiseworthy cause. And thank you for those of you who don’t have a PayPal account but still wanted to send out check via mail. As you all know, you can get different ways to contact us. You can get the A4P’s contact information from the “Contact Us” tab on A4P’s official website (

Please sign up to compete or donate for the cause. Will you? ///