Did you order?

Thank you for the response on the two teaching CDs I posted on my website. Thank you so much for all of you who put your order yesterday night! May the LORD bless you!

I want to encourage you guys to order if you didn’t order yet. Please order for your friends and relatives who are young and can understand Amharic. The English version of these CDs is on the making as we speak. It will soon be released. Just stay tuned!

You won’t regret for ordering my first teaching CDs. CD # 3, 4, 5 & 6 will be released soon. Your feedback on CD # 1 & 2 is very needed to make changes and some improvements on the up coming teaching CDs.

So, if you didn’t order yet, you can get your copy by going to: www.appealforpurity.org and click "shop" and after that it is like saying A B C and your order will be shipped to you.

If you didn’t visit A4P’s website lately, I advise you to do that, so that you can read what the Banko’s wrote on "Contact Us" page. It is a very heartwarming message. Don’t miss out! ///