Packing for the Minnesota Trip

First thing first: Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes! I seriously sat down and read all of them. Thank you so much my friends! I really appreciate each and everyone of you! God bless you!

Well, I’m packing now for my trip to Minnesota tomorrow at 4am and I thought it will be nice to say "Bye" to all of you, my Facebook fans.

And, don’t forget to invite your friends who live in St. Paul, Minnesota or closer to come over there and worship God with us. I pray and hope God will give us a wonderful time!

If you especially know married couples who live there, please tell them to attend the Saturday program which is going to be one of a kind! I’m telling you! I know I’m ministering at the service but you know what excite me a lot? Well, before dinner, all married couples will take their wedding ring and renew their marriage vows and the ceremony of putting ring on their spouse’s finger and exchanging gifts will follow.

Believe me in this! I will bring all the beautiful culture I’m seeing there and "copy and paste" it in DC for our Valentine’s Party. So, get ready if you are going to be around here during that time.

I’m telling you, I’m more than excited! What is there to be excited about in this dark world than to see marriages thrive! For me, NOTHING ELSE!

So, please invite yourself or your friends to come over there!

Some of you dropped me some questions about the whereabouts of the hotel or the church, but believe me in this, your guesses are as good as mine, lol. This is my very first trip to Minnesota. So, please look at the address on Google maps or on your GPS (make sure you get the correct address from the flyer first).

And some of you told me that you already invited your friends to come over. Please tell them to meet me at the end of the program, on Saturday or Sunday and tell me who send them over there so that I will send you a "Thank you" note!

You guys are just amazing! Thank you! If God’s will, I will see you all, of course on Facebook, lol, on Tuesday. Till then and until Jesus comes, stay in Christ!

In Him, Missy.