First day of school for our kids!

Well, it is not that exciting day for me! I got up at 4am because I was a little, well, emotional to see my kids going to school today. They stayed with me for the whole summer and today, they have to go.

Yesterday, we wanted to have a small party and we went grocery shopping to brighten up our night. Then at the checkout, the cashier said, “So, are three of them your kids?”

I said, “Yes, they are. Even if two of them are much taller than me, they all are my little ones,” and I added jokingly, “If you want to have them as your kids, I can give them all to you.”

She said, “Well, tomorrow is the first day of school, isn’t it? And after that you will be free at least for sometimes.”

“Oh, no, not me! I am free when they are next to me, not when they are away from me. I love these kids. They are really nice kids.”

She thought I was kidding and she wanted me to say something like, “I’m kidding” because she gave me a kind of look that says, “I know you didn’t mean that.”

I looked her in the eye and said, “Seriously, these kids are fun to have. I love them and I’m going to miss them tomorrow.”

My kids are not on my way. They are not problems or obstacles to my life as the world and the devil want me to see them as. They bring joy to my life. They are blessings to my life. They are a smile on my face. They indeed are God’s gifts for me and my Berhan (Psalm 127:3).

I dropped them off to school just an hour ago. And do you know what I already missed! The morning joke in this house! Oh, how good they are to make me laugh! They are really funny kids. We are planning to call our morning times, “The Banko’s Family Show.” You never know. We may start a show which is pure, clean and lovely which brings joy and a smile to the heart, soul and spirit of the viewers.

Hey, I am a visionary! I don’t stop dreaming and visioning ways to proclaim the goodness of God! No! No! No! I won’t stop! And the sky is not the limit; rather the Will of God!

Okay, let me go ahead and face my day with the grace and mercy of God so that I will be able to redeem what needs to be redeemed. For those of you who are sending your kids to school, make sure you send them with prayers, lots of love and hugs, laughter and joy because sending kids to school is not the same today as it was 30 or 20 years ago. Time has changed! Cover them by the Blood of Jesus so that they make it through the day and come back home in one piece!

Good day!
In Him, Missy.