Looking for a woman or what?

“It has been almost two years since I’m in the process of looking for a wife. So far I asked four girls. The first one never says “I love you” to me and I thought she is emotionless and left her. The second one, she is nice one day and the other day, she just ignores me. I couldn’t stand her mood swings. So, I broke up with her. The third one, she is not specific in what she wants. For example, for her birthday, I asked her what she likes and she said, “Surprise me” and when I did surprise her, she ignored me almost for two weeks and after that I called it quit. The fourth one, to say the least about her, she acts like a little girl who is looking for admiration every second. What do I need to do to stay away from these kinds of women and find the ones who are sweet and beautiful? “

Hmm, you reminded me of a story I heard a long time ago. It is a joke, I think. It goes like this:

So, a young man used to come to a celibate priest to ask for counseling about his relationship with girls. He went to the priest three times in a month to complain about the girls he dated. And the priest patiently heard about the third girl and asked him, “My son, what kind of woman are you looking for?”

Smiling and being excited, the young man responded, “I want a woman who cares for me enough that she knows from my face when I am sad and takes care of me. I want a woman who is tall and beautiful with a waist that can be seen from far away. I want a woman who loves to cook for me and enjoys being with me all the time. I want a woman who greets me with a smile even if she doesn’t feel okay. I want a woman whose emotion is stable in all seasons of life. – – – -”

The priest, waving his hands for the young man to stop, he said, ”My son, if you find that kind of woman, let me know because if there is one like that, there must be a second one like her out there. I am a celibate because I couldn’t find that kind of woman and if she is out there, I will quit my priesthood. Just let me know as soon as you find her.”

Yeah, my brother, the women you met so far are REAL WOMEN who are created by God to help their own men, husbands, do life on this side of heaven. Those women, the ones you met and damped, represent us all women. We are fashioned by God, not to drive our men crazy, but to give them a better life.

Precious, decide to accept a woman you are attracted to and learn not only to love her but to love her the way she is. Once you learn to sacrificially and consistently love her, you will find out that she indeed is your “suitable helper.” Being complicated, not being easy to be figured out by her man and not being stable like a man, is the beauty of being a woman.

Bro, look for a woman, not for a pet or a TV set. ///